"1. When you kiss me, it tastes like nitrogen. You told me not to be afraid, but I’ve always been explosive.
2. I’m trying to write about us in a way that doesn’t seem like an emergency call to the ER. It’s not working.
3. You never told me you could leave my lungs leeching blood. Is this what beauty is?
4. Christ, sometimes you’re all I can think about.
5. I can’t put you into words. Most days, I don’t know how to breathe when you speak to me. You’ve taken away almost everything and I don’t even mind.
6. Don’t leave, don’t leave, don’t leave.
7. I shouldn’t give your silence enough power to bring me to my knees. But I have – I think I’m already lost.
8. We’re going to fall in love, aren’t we?
9. I’m afraid the next time I try to say your name, it will come out please stay.
10. I’ve kissed many people, but none as beautiful as you.
Love has been many things. But never mine."

Thoughts on You After Dark | d.a.s (via backshelfpoet)


" you’re gonna have that tattoo for the rest of your life"

Wow really?

I didn’t..

are you serious?


Daniel Zvereff
Introspective, on tumblr

5 years ago I decided to embark a life of adventurous travel in hopes that I would become a sort of artistic explorer. Every choice, action and trip, for the past few years, has adhered to that philosophy. Yet, a few months ago in my Brooklyn apartment, I awoke from a dream in a state of anxiety - I was falling through the sky with my back towards the ground, my eyes only seeing the clouds I past. The idea that I could not see my approaching fate was terrifying in itself, but not knowing when it would hit was worse. […]" Read More

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"13 things my uncle told me before he died:
not everyone has the blessing to understand sadness
when waiting at the bus stop, it’s okay to smoke cigarettes
never touch anyone else’s clothes at the laundromat
it’s okay to miss the people who were bullets to you
when your grandmother asks you how you are, be honest
never be afraid to say “no” even after you’ve said “yes”
if someone tells you graffiti isn’t art, prove them wrong
remember people by their eye color not their clothes
you’re allowed to like dark chocolate with tangerines
don’t lie that you don’t have a lighter when you really do
turn your phone off every once in a while and find the moon
if you want a tattoo, don’t let anyone tell you not to get it
if you ever find yourself at the graveyard, read the names"

poems from my uncles grave (via irynka)

”Would you rather f**k a goat or not f**k a goat but everybody thinks you did?” [x]

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